​​​Indian Lake Area Historical Society

Indian Lake Historical Society Museum

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Our hope is that others will help us create a place that we can display items from the past.  To help us create a display that we can all be proud of and share, the following  are ways that you to support our cause.

A.      Donate items that you have collected.  By donation this means that you relinquish your rights to these items and turn them over to the museum for display and/or use at the Museum’s discretion.  All items that are donated will follow the rules of the IRS for contribution to a 501(c)3 non profit organization.  You will receive a receipt proving the donation and its value as determined by you and/or the Organization.

B.      Loan items you have collected.  Loaning an item to the Museum means that you will allow the Museum to display your items as long as you wish to offer them to the Museum.  At the end of the term determined by you, you will receive the item(s) back in a condition that is equal to or better than when you loaned them to the Museum.  A receipt will be issued to you describing the item(s) you donate in detail and the term of your loan.

C.      Contribute monetarily to the Museum to be used to maintain and operate the Museum.  The money will be used for the Museum only and will not be used for salaries as our organization is operated by volunteers.  We may also be able to purchase items for the Museum for display when they become available to us.

D.      Volunteer for different tasks at the Museum and/or supporting the Indian Lake Area Historical Society.  We need help maintaining, operating and supporting the Society and its efforts for the Museum as well as the Society.  We hope to hear from you with your support in what ever capacity that you are available to provide to us.  We want the Museum to be a warm and informative place for all to visit and enjoy learning about the history of the Indian Lake Area.

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